Collaborative Media offer our clients a powerful and all-encompassing multi-platform production resource that is tailor made to appeal to our clients target market- whether documentary style programming or corporate video-podcasting we aim to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

We are always looking for a great story to tell and have journalistic, editorial and filming teams here that are keen to work in partnership with you to capture and communicate your journey through our visual mediums and platforms. Do feel free to write to us with your stories or any enquiries.

For every film we produce, a script is written to aid production however the style and tone could and should vary from project to project. Often, scripts are written right at the start, before anything has been filmed but more often than not, a voice over script is required and this can take place midway through production once we understand the needs of your story.

At Collaborative Media, we are able to film anything from interviews, advertisements, longer promotional films to shorter product or social media videos. Not to mention our roots in journalism and documentaries that mean we are always on the lookout for a great and impactful story.

Alongside our offerings, there is also our long-running ‘Executive TV’ platform that produces half hour business documentaries for Sky Channel 184.

Our team of editors are highly experienced and willing to turn their hand to many projects. No day is the same and they look forward to exciting new challenges brought to them by the production team.

If you require footage to be edited for your internal or external videos, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Every company we work with is shared and promoted via social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and we can even produce shorter, cut-down versions of your promo films specifically to be shared across all platforms for your clients to see.