TV Programmes

Our primary goal for every program is to present an in-depth discussion of modern business challenges and try to find solutions to address them. Our audience looks to us to ask the challenging questions, explore the issues and help them find answers that are applicable in their own business. We see our programmes as a truly unique forum to share knowledge and expertise with a wide audience and our contributors as thought leaders within their industry. We believe that by fostering engaging discussion and communication between different companies we can help build better industries by spreading innovative thinking. We want to be a positive force for industry and help forward-looking companies stand out and network with each other.

Here are a few examples of recent programming broadcast on Sky channel 184 (10am to 11am) every Sunday:

Sustainable Infrastructure

An area of interest for most people these days is the environment and how we are looking after it. There’s no wonder then that our programmes focusing on sustainability and the green agenda have been a mark of success.

HealthCare: Setting Records

The advancement of new technology, solutions and techniques has become a life-saving necessity for the NHS and its various trusts. In our programmes we explore just how the world of medicine and indeed our key workers are being aided by new technology.

Construction in the UK: Setting the Stage

A particular favourite of our programmes is that of construction. The very idea that we can go ‘behind the curtain’ so to speak and divulge the secrets to the UK’s changing skyline is a tantalising one.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is undergoing a renaissance, driven by advanced technologies such as composites, 3D printing and automation. In our programmes we explore how these innovations are changing the manufacturing industry in the UK.

IT in the Public Sector

Life in I.T. is often seen as disconnected from the real world but the truth could not be more different. Our programmes talk in depth and at length about the ever-changing nature of I.T. and how it is changing our world for the better.

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